*NEED A RIDE?? Yes, we’re talking about repairing your auto, but we’ll even help you and go the extra step…….with FREE local shuttle service.  Call for details.

*Air Conditioning repair – You’re HOT!  Wait, that’s just the air conditioning is not functioning properly.  Bring your auto in and we’ll get you cooling again.

*Brake replacement – You want to STOP, so make sure your brakes are doing their job!  Your life could depend on it.

*Tire installation and rotation – TIRES – without them, you’re going nowhere!  Tire maintenance is very important to your safety. Rotate your tires frequently to get the most miles out of them.

*Wheel balancing – Keeping your wheels in balance saves fuel and wear and tear on your tread.

*Perform Fluid Exchanges in your Transmission; Power steering, Brakes, Transfer case, Differential, and cooling system. These fluids do break down; they weren’t meant to last forever.

*Is your Check Engine light on? Get to the root of the problem and find out why, don’t just put a part on for the sake of replacing a part. Besides, your car won’t pass the NCSI with that pesky light on. Don’t Kidd yourself, if the light goes out, it doesn’t mean it fixed itself.

*We perform Electrical Diagnostic and Repair. Alternators, Starters, Batteries, no problem. Electrical wiring can be repaired as well.

*We perform minor engine repair and or Engine Replacement (most engines come with a 3 year 100K mileage warranty).
*We perform minor Transmission repair and or replacement (most transmissions come with a 3 year 100k mileage warranty).

*Is it time for a Timing Belt replacement? We replace everything; which includes all pulleys associated with the belt, tensioner, water pump, and seals.